What We Do

Some of the technologies I work with
Continuous Integration Gitlab-ci, Jenkins, Test Integration
Continuous Deployment Docker, Docker Swarm, Pipeline Automation
Configuration Management Ansible

Why Choose Us

Every business operates on a foundation of technology. But not every business is a technology company. WonderOps exists to work with small companies enabling software automation.

WonderOps is simply a one-man-with-friends consulting team to help small companies highly automate their pipelines. I work with docker, jenkins, gitlab-ci, ansible and aws and other similar technologies. I like taking on side work to help others and keep my skills sharp. When the occasion arises where something is needed outside of my specific areas of expertise, I often have the connections to assist my clients. We are only set up to work with small, flexible companies who either do not have the expertise themselves or the time to get DevOps in motion with their ventures. These are the win-win opportunities I look for. You can reach me through the contact page or at steve@wonderops.com.

- Steve Lynch