About WonderOps

My name is Steve Lynch and I am in the Boulder, Colorado area. My entire career has been spent in Information Technology. WonderOps has been my outlet for helping others and for working with leading technologies that interest me. I started WonderOps with the idea that there were many more small companies and startups needing technical help with their products and ideas than there were technical co-founders available. WonderOps is a platform for getting those ideas moving.

I work in DevOps as my day job. I build software pipelines, automate and support development teams. There is always much to learn. However, DevOps work is a lot of fun for me and something I genuinely enjoy. Outside of my day job, I only work with small, flexible organizations. Teams that need ops help, particularly in support of their development of their products are a good fit. Not listed as a core service is software development. Though this is not my area of expertise, it is an area that I get occasionally asked about. There is usually always someone among my friends wanting to work with small companies in the same way I do. This is another area I can usually help with. You can reach me through the contact page with any questions or at steve@wonderops.com.

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