Cloud Services

Amazon Web Services is the new data center. At WonderOps, we only provide support for the AWS platform because we believe it is the best in the world. Resulting from our focus, we know we can provide our clients with the depth of knowledge necessary to leverage the clear market leader in cloud services.

Automation is a key component of leveraging a transition to cloud resources. WonderOps has experience with AWS services and supporting DevOps tools that will help your company go beyond simply building servers in the cloud. We help you architect and implement a model of the future with the resiliency and reliability your business requires. With our DevOps expertise, we can layer in the automation for Continuous Integration and Continuous Deployment in the AWS cloud that can change the game for your organization's software development teams.

Whether it is automation, migration, or simply leveraging the cloud for something as simple as your data backups, the AWS professionally certified staff at WonderOps is the right choice for supporting your AWS cloud objectives.
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