Continuous Deployment

To be technically correct, Continuous Delivery and Continuous Deployment are similar but slightly different concepts. By our definition, Continuous Deployment would be automation that immediately deploys changes directly into production. This website is an example of employing continuous deployment. When new content is created and committed, it is immediately delivered to its production platform. Continuous Delivery by our definition is similar yet requires stops along the way for business reasons. This might be for quality assurance (QA), user acceptance testing (UAT), or because the timing of a release needs to coincide with other factors (such as the start of a sale).

With WonderOps, we can help with both concepts. I can automate builds, integrate tests and deploy your services. Completely automated if that is the goal. Interested in Docker? I can help small companies build a cloud based docker platform that is api driven enabling lightning fast scaling of your services. Or simply create dynamic environments for developers that allow you to scale with your feature development.

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