Managed Services

Sometimes it just makes sense for certain companies to free their organization from the wasted time and money caused by operations. With WonderOps, small to medium sized businesses can focus on their products and markets, while we stay on top of their AWS cloud operations. We employ advanced automation services in the cloud to maximize self healing of our client's applications and the dynamic expansion required when customer traffic demand dictates the need.

At WonderOps, one of our differences is our experience with Incident Management. When it comes to technology, sooner or later something will go wrong, that is when we really shine. Our founders have deep expertise in emergency response to Information Technology failures. Our process is proven and we are sure you've never experienced anything like it.

The WonderOps Managed Services solution is a simple and cost effective offering that allows your staff to focus on building new ships while we keep your existing ship afloat. Not every organization fits our model for Managed Services. However, for the organizations that we do align with, we provide an unparalleled experience completely alleviating the stress that accompanies IT operations.
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